Noun 4 At The Door

Noun 4 is owned by FIRSTEDITION.XYZ, a rare digital art gallery created by @jbrukh. FIRSTEDITION.XYZ was founded in 2019 to collect "first edition" NFTs on Editional, a minting app at that time. Since then, we've been having fun grabbing the *early* work of #cryptoart movement and the NFT community. Among our collection are Dmitri Cherniak and Susan Kare's first NFTs, as well as CryptoKitty #12, Pak's 'Metanoia', and of course -- Noun #4.

We are super excited to be a part of Nouns and support the community. See you at Noun O'CLock!

Written by - Mr. Noun 4 is a member of the Nouns DAO
Owner: 0x4090b585c6ba6 🐦 @jbrukh
Last edited : 2021-09-05 00:00:25