I am Boot

I had followed the Nouns project since day one. I was given the test noun 'computer' and was intrigued by the art style and the concept as a whole. Nouns as governance there was something that I wanted to explore.

When the project officially launched, I knew I wanted to get be a part to this historic project and attempted to purchase on noun 1 'fox'. the price went a lot higher than I was willing to put forth, and ended up watching the next auctions for my next chance. I missed 'pineapple' due to being in a meeting, but for 'boot' i was ready.

I got my eth ready and monitored the auction and placed my bid and with no resistance, i had won 'boot' and was accpeted into the NounsDAO as the third member.

My desire to become a Noun is driven by the new. Web 3, decentralized organizations, and governance are all ideas that need to be explored, and the only way to explore theses ideas is to test them. There is a lot of theoretical concepts that people hypothesize about, but real world behavior is the only way of testing theses hypothesis. Excited to learn and see where the Nouns journey leads.

Written by - Mr. Noun 3 is a member of the Nouns DAO
Owner: 0xeb1c22baacafa 🐦 @richerd
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