A Noun Story from Sydney

I'm 32 years old. Sydney Australia. ...got into crypto 2015 but I was super broke then and could barely afford buying $10 worth of bitcoin sobsob

But I was looking up crypto and researching...YouTube videos...reading...trying to understand as best as I could for years and literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's not easy for me as I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not very intelligent at all to be honest as you will see now how I write lol.

Anyway, I hated working for people because I always thought of quicker ways to do things or how they are fucking up and could save money or do things more efficiently etc so I always wanted to have my own business or do something for myself.

I did Amazon fba. Failed Tried to start a courier business. Failed

Played poker professionally...though I was broke so I got staked by a guy from overseas which we split profits monthly - unless I was in make-up from the previous month in which that would have to be paid first. Did this for 5 Years? Roughly.

Had epic months and really bad quarters sometimes where i barely could afford food. Got with my current girlfriend who is a nurse and worked non stop double shifts etc and was doing really well. She always supported what I wanted to do so encouraged me to continue poker.

Then I found out the government has scheme for disabled people. Instead of keeping them in a "home" they could stay home and hire nurses and cares for social and recreational actives to get out in the community and also for much higher care needs also. I decided to learn everything I can about this. Had power lists and wouldn't sleep until I learned inside our everything I had written on that list that day. If i had to be awake for 2 days straight I would....if I finished at 10am GREAT I can now play games or drink or whatever I wana do.

This turned out well for both of us....we had no customers for so long but i learned how to target market Facebook ads...printed pamphlets and put in people's mailboxes etc and after about a year we started to get a couple clients....I was mowing their lawns and cleaning etc because I don't have a certificate to preform nursing duties.

Slowly grew. Hired staff. Mrs left her job. Hired my brother full time. And now where are here

500+ clients 180+ staff part time and full time and I get to help people everyday so it feels good doing something good in the world as I'm pretty fucked so it's a ying yang. But it really really feels unbelievable to actually change people's lives and help them live a better one....we are a small business compare to the large corporations that do the same but we don't treat people like numbers and actually care so our retention rate is 99.9% of clients. They come with us and don't leave because we are the best at what we do and we work extremely hard to help them in everyday we can. So now it's me and the mrs 50/50 (forgot to add before it was 33 /33 /33 but we bought my friend out a few years ago.

NOW LOLOL long intro....I have made some decent money. I bought a really nice house with the mrs I can show u a video if u like I'm super proud - its my first home. And I've been able to use my capital to purchase crypto for the last couple of years which has done exceptionally well. I have many mant alts...some btc and etc xrp etc and even little things like providing LP on uniswap for bidao/eth etc.

I'm not on the level affording a 600eth noun lol but I'm doing good grinning

Found out about nouns though someone in a group chat I honestly can't remember which one. I looked it up and absolutely fell in love with the idea.

I spoke to devloper to ask him what he thinks...I didn't know know but thought I'd approach him as I see his ens a lot to ask a few questions. I wanted a noun for under 100e but it just constantly went up for nearly 2 weeks.

Im a little drunk so its not proof read or even thought out lolol.

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