Winning the 1st Noun - The Story

It was night time, i havent heard about any updates for nouns since the last time i played with the playground. Then suddenly someone posted a link about the launch fo the nouns. I opened the site and i saw a FOX as the first auctioned noun! It was freaking cute! How often u get a crypto NFT character that's randomly generated and featuring a FOX? The fox we see everyday dealing with Metamask and using Firefox Browser. It was an epic random moment for this NFT.

I quickly ran on my computer logged on my wallet and wondering should i place the first bid? It was about 13 ETH at that time when i first checked it out. Suddenly i saw a jump on the value of the bid, like 50 ETH or something. I checked out that wallet and it turns out to be 4156 punk owner wallet. I dug more and found out it was one of the creators of Nouns.

I sat down and think to myself, why would the creators bid on their own creation and not at minimum bid, but a whopping leap jump to 50 ETH. I felt a bit uneasy that the founders would do this on the 1st bid. I msged eBoy (currently one of my best friends in NFT space) and since he is part of the Nounders (founders) team in Nouns, i asked him about why is one of the nounders pushing up the price for the 1st noun?

Well i guess it didn't matter anyways, it was expected to be more than that. I patiently waited the countdown coming down. Didn't tweet about it, didn't talk to anyone about it, keeping silent as i didn't want others to out bid me our found out about this brilliant and awesome project!

There's still another 12 hour or so, i didn't want to sleep because im afraid i might overslept and miss the bid. My body couldn't take it so i slept anyway. Setting my alarm almost all my devices, iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa, Google Home, to make sure i really wake up in time. I didn't want to miss this early opportunity of a lifetime to be apart of something awesome.

Why do i think this project is brilliant you might ask? If you spend 24/7 of your days in the NFT scene and abandon everything else you're working on, you would understand why this is a historic piece of a project.

What punks did for the NFT space was amazing, randomly generating art and hasing it on the blockchain was smart at that time. But things changed rapidly in the NFT scene. 1 month in NFT scene felt like a year in the real world. So much innovation and ideas coming out from the scene. And I think Nouns is one of those project came out from that rapid progression in the space.

The 1st time i saw the words "One Noun, Everyday, Forever" i had an ephiphany moment... THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! and this will be one of the most scarce thing in the NFT space!

I see nouns as the next gen CryptoPunks. The beauty of having everything on-chain generated by SVG is beautifully executed. CryptoPunks did it the smart way too, by hashing 10,000 images on chain as hash for reference. But we never know how that 10,000 was generated in the first place, was it really all random or was it tampered? A mystery we will never know.

However it's different with the Nouns, every noun generated is actually unpredictable (but maybe not truly random) based on the previous hash and we can all witness it live as it grows (so we know its wasnt tampered with for sure), this is the main difference with previous gen CryptoPunks NFT.

And because of that ...

Nouns is the New Punk 2.0

Written by - Mr. Noun 1 is a member of the Nouns DAO
Owner: 0x2536c09e5f569 🐦 @xaix2k
Last edited : 2021-08-29 06:25:25